I’m still alive.


Hey everyone.

Yes, I used to have a blog here, long, long ago.  At one point it was really popular and had a huge readership, lots of interaction, and all that good stuff.  On it, I detailed my experiences obtaining my pilots license circa 2006 from my very first fam flight right through to my flight test, and my recreational flying after the fact. 

If you found this page while searching for it, well, I took most of it offline a long time ago because of a personal (and increasingly, public) lack of interest, basically.    I may put the blog back up at some point if I come up with any particular reason to do so.  

Regardless, I now maintain this domain on my own server at home as basically a glorified private image hosting service which makes it simple and easy for me to link photos on websites, and various forums.  

Yes, I’m a forum junkie.  And  yes, I hate clunky photo sharing services.

You can contact me at my domain name at gmail dot com if you so desire.